Automatic Vehicle Classification
Purpose of AVC system is to automatically identify and classify vehicle passing from particular toll lane at toll booth. Intension of AVC system is to verify manually entered traffic data (operator data), using set of sensors and other hardware. Identification of vehicle here means count of vehicle data. Each passing vehicle is captured automatically without any human efforts. AVC system captures data related to dimensions of the passing vehicle. This data is further processed by embedded electronics to decide vehicle type. Vehicles can be classified based on dimensional values of the vehicle. There is no limitation on type of vehicles. We can process data as per localized need of plaza. We use different sets of the sensors to gather data of passing vehicle. We have diverse type of controllers and sensor sets to choose from. Ir array generator is popular now days.

✪ Based on latest embedded technology.
✪ Self-learning program, can classify vehicle in more than 30 vehicle types.
✪ Smart filters to monitor any human interference or faults.
✪ 100% counting accuracy, classification accuracy > 95 %.
✪ Consistent working, no effect of atmosphere, low maintenance.
✪ Options: ir based sensor array, ultrasonic sensors and laser sensor based.


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