Control Panel

IEC 61439 Panels

WTS providing completely design verified solution with an aluminium busbar system as per IEC 61439, Part 1 & 2, Edition 3 which has been certified by Intertek ASTA India. The innovative solution has been built to accommodate circuit breakers and switchgear from leading brands.

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PCC panels are the most essential part of electrical system of an industry from where the power of the industry is controlled.

Wisdom Techno Solutions is widely known for premium quality PCC panels designed and manufactured according to the customer specifications.

Best quality switchgear and busbar are used for reliable and efficient performance.

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APFC panels is used to maintain the power factor close to unity to eliminate inductive losses. Motors, machines, drives etc are severely inductive in nature which results in lagging power factor. Lagging power factor leads to energy wastage and consequently heavy penalties by electricity boards. If the load is fixed, manual switching of capacitor works. However, if the load is varying and scattered, it is difficult to maintain power factor by proper manual switching of capacitors.

We manufacture APFC panels where a microprocessor based controller is used which switch the capacitor banks automatically according to load pattern. For fast switching loads thyristor controlled APFC panels are required.

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These MCC panels are responsible for channeling the power to machines. We are pioneers in offering a commendable range of MCC panels (motor control centers panels) to our valued patrons. Offered range of MCC panels is manufactured using high grade raw material.

1 .We manufacture MCC panels with rated current ranging from 100a to 3200a and starters range from 0.5 hp to required application rating.
2. Perfectly compartmentalized construction to isolate feeders from each other.
3. Horizontal bus chambers are provided either on the top or bottom as required by customers.
4. Vertical busbar chambers are provided for front maintenance. In vertical chambers, busbars are run in adjacent fashion for easy maintenance.
5. Each door is properly earthed.

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Industries/societies/institutions have dg’s for power backup. In case of significant loss of mains power or total blackout, the power is switched to generators. For manual switching, an operator is required for the purpose and it may lead to significant loss of data or any other potential damage.

1. At wisdom techno solutions, we manufacture PLC operated AMF panels that automatically switch power to generator in case of mains power failure.
2. Under critical conditions, mains, dg and ups are properly synchronized for uninterrupted power supply.
3. We ensure comprehensive power solutions to our customers.

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PLC is a smart programmable microcontroller used for automation of electromechanical processes. Reduced size, ease in modification of logic hence reduced complex wiring, provision of remote and wireless communication and ease of data transfer have given PLC panels an advantage over conventional relay based systems.

1. At wisdom techno solutions, we provide PLC panels for various purposes as desired by the customers. We provide PLC panels mainly for Machine automation, Plant automation, Process automation.
2.We assure solid and flawless programming and timely technical assistance to our customers.
3. Operator friendly hmi interface programming.

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VFD panels are designed to control the speed and torque of electric motors by varying input frequency and voltage to motors. VFD panels are used as energy saving devices as they adjust motor speed under no load conditions or as required by the process. Such energy cost savings are especially pronounced in variable torque centrifugal fan and pump applications where there is large power reduction for a relatively small reduction in speed. We design and manufacture a diverse range of VFD panels for varied applications (closed-loop and open-loop applications).

We provide drive synchronization panels also which are both manually and auto synchronized. We also provide modification for old panels with starters into VFD based latest panels.

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HWL Panel

HWL panels are designed to control various machines but with conventional system of hard wiring. Applications where simple interlocking’s are used can be handled with these type of panels. Such cost savings are especially used in electrical overhead travelling cranes, industrial lift applications and conveyors.

We design and manufacture a diverse range of HWL panels for varied applications. We provide multiple interlock containing panels which are used in critical process and allow easy & fast fault rectification.

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