Embedded Solution


In the changing business scenarios product companies expected to provide increasing value to end-users. Product demands great reliability at lowest cost in shortest timeline. Wisdom techno solutions, with defined process and domain expertise, support companies to achieve product development objectives successfully.

✪ Reduce development costs
Running a procured team for development, we focus on continuous productivity. Acquiring knowledge of best practices to reduce the engineering efforts. Proven methodologies for engineering model provides resource extend to reduce effort and cost.

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Embedded product design is a specialized area that requires trained talent, expensive tools and modern equipment. In addition, there’s also the need for various support services such as industrial design, mechanical design, thermal engineering along with regulatory certifications. For oem’s, it is often difficult to get all these elements under one roof. Furthermore, rapid changes in technology and shrinking time to market, makes the investment in tools, people and infrastructure unattractive. That’s where, services of a reliable partner like happiest minds would be of immense advantage.

Wisdom techno solutions offer a wide range of embedded design services that are intended towards transforming an idea into a complete product. This includes devising of system architecture, hardware design, software design, mechanical design, prototyping, validation, regulatory certification and pilot production.

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Touch switch is wisdom techno solutions aesthetically designed switch that ensures comfort and convenience. As the definitive smart room solution, touch switch lets you control your fans, lights with just one touch. The innovative product offers intelligent control at an affordable price. Sleek looking panels with trendy touch screen switches bring an aesthetic appeal meant for the millennial lifestyle. A built-in receiver enables direct it remote control. Touch switch add more comfort to your life with unique features such as single feather touch switching and single it remote operations.

✪ Soft switching with a single & feather touch operation
✪ Remote control operation with ir technology
✪ Illuminated representation
✪ High-low indication on the switch, easy to identify the device’s ‘on’ or ‘off’ condition
✪ Auto dimming of the back light illumination for a cool display
✪ Easy installation, no separate wiring required
✪ No mechanical wear & tear as compared to normal switches

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Electronic modules developed for interlocking system of garbage chute doors consists of following features

✪ Lock down feature for maintenance – safety
✪ Low voltage plug and play – for easy installation
✪ Capable of combining electric interlocks with pneumatic interlocks
✪ Monitoring system – real-time chute status, streamlines maintenance
✪ Building automation system (bas) compatible
✪ Low cost solution

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Automatic Vehicle Classification
Purpose of AVC system is to automatically identify and classify vehicle passing from particular toll lane at toll booth. Intension of AVC system is to verify manually entered traffic data (operator data), using set of sensors and other hardware. Identification of vehicle here means count of vehicle data. Each passing vehicle is captured automatically without any human efforts. AVC system captures data related to dimensions of the passing vehicle. This data is further processed by embedded electronics to decide vehicle type. Vehicles can be classified based on dimensional values of the vehicle. There is no limitation on type of vehicles. We can process data as per localized need of plaza. We use different sets of the sensors to gather data of passing vehicle. We have diverse type of controllers and sensor sets to choose from. Ir array generator is popular now days.

✪ Based on latest embedded technology.
✪ Self-learning program, can classify vehicle in more than 30 vehicle types.
✪ Smart filters to monitor any human interference or faults.
✪ 100% counting accuracy, classification accuracy > 95 %.
✪ Consistent working, no effect of atmosphere, low maintenance.
✪ Options: ir based sensor array, ultrasonic sensors and laser sensor based.

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Syringe infusion pump

The motor drives the plate, pushing the plunger which ejects the fluid from the syringe. Continuous flow can be achieved by using pumps with two syringes, where one pulls liquid and the other pushes liquid. Most modern syringe pumps can be programmed for higher accuracy and improved control, and some models can be connected to a computer to record the infusion history. Moreover, pumps that have an adjustable syringe holder are more versatile in their applications.

In addition, some syringe pumps can have both infusion and withdrawal features, and others can accommodate multiple syringes (usually up to 10 syringes). They can operate at very small volumetric flow rates (in the micro, nano, and pico ranges) while offering pulseless flow with very high precision in delivery.

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An HVAC zone system is a single ducted air handler that uses dampers in the ductwork to regulate and redirect air to different areas which allows for the creation of customized temperature zones.

✪ Compatibility with major home automation systems through pre-installed drivers.
✪ Connectivity through rs232, rs485
✪ BMS connectivity (MODBUS)
✪ Full control over each individual ducted unit
✪ Customizable zones, control etc.

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Wisdom techno solutions provides new product design and development services. From writing the product specification, development activities in our lab, industrial design images (to determine the product look and feel), conceptual design, engineering design and documentation, and prototype product fabrication, through product launch into volume manufacturing, wisdom techno solutions has all the skills in one source to initiate and complete your new product design and development.

✪ Business plan development support
✪ Professional engineering project plan
✪ Specification writing
✪ Conceptual development
✪ Industrial design (id)
✪ Research for processes and components

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